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Isolation Transformers
Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer
Isolation Transformers
DC Power Rectifier
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APFC Panel
Why? Isolation Transformers

Due to Electricals Loads like Inductive, Capacitive, SMPS, Electronic Ballasts and PWM Switching Systems-The AC Power Lines are Supper imposed with dangerous electrical spikes, Surges transients, Sags, RFI and other harmonics. This is dangerous for Electronics Equipments. Also some places the Electrical Grounding will not be proper which will result in Ground to Neutral voltage.
The above Electricals disturbances will cause stress on semiconductors and components, machine systems will experience program and software failures,extensive damage to PLC's and storage media which will in turn leads to heavy losses in production, data and man-hours.
The above electrical disturbances in the AC power Line and Grounding problem can be eliminate with the use of Isolation Transformer.

Isolation Transformers

Features and Benefits:
high level of isolation
high quality neutral-ground bond
high level of common-mode noise rejection
Unabalanced Load & Innput
conversion from delta to wye or the other way around
easy to change voltage taps
custom design for specific system
Three Phase Variable Autotransformer
We fabricate open type three phase transformer, which is used for panel mounting. Our version of this range is manufactured by ganging together three single phase transformers with a common shaft. Our three phase transformers, three phase variable transformers and three phase open type transformers are used widely in the manufacturing process of the following:
DC drives
AC drives
Single Phase Variable Autoransformer
Variable auto transformer - motorized ( single coil or gang type )
In general variable auto transformers are used to convert low voltage to high voltage required by some other equipment. We fabricate a wide range of variable auto transformers which offer sweep time for the speed control as your volt requires. With panel board.
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